06951055 is referenced by 35 patents and cites 28 patents.

A utility knife for receipt of a blade and including a handle and a blade carrier pivotally connected to the handle. A threaded fastener fastens a blade retainer to the blade carrier, and the threaded fastener is preferably configured for engagement by the user's hand to move the blade carrier between the retracted position and the extended position. A locking member automatically locks the blade carrier in an extended position upon the blade carrier being moved to the extended position. An actuator moves the locking member against the force of a spring from the locking position to the unlocking position, the actuator extending from the first side of the handle to the second side of the handle. A storage compartment is configured for receipt of plurality of blades, and a closure member allows selective access to such blades.

Folding utility knife
Application Number
Publication Number
6951055 (B1)
Application Date
June 25, 2004
Publication Date
October 4, 2005
Walter W Collins
North, 29112
Thomas W Epting
Leatherwood Walker Todd & Mann P C
B26B 001/08
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