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A system and related methods for maintaining the patentcy of the ureter comprising a pusher tube having a pusher tube lumen and an inflate lumen disposed within a wall of the pusher tube and a urinary stent having a proximal and distal portions with an elongated body portion therebetween configured to fit the ureter of the patient and defining a lumen. The system further includes an end-effector that may comprise an inflatable balloon positioned at the proximal portion of the urinary stent for retaining the proximal portion in the urinary bladder. At the distal portion, a retention end-piece is positioned for retaining the distal portion of the stent in the renal pelvis. The end-effector and the retention end-piece of the stent maintain the elongated body portion in situ. The end-effector may also include an inflatable balloon and may contain pharmaceutical or biologic agents for controlled release into the bladder.

Ureteral stent with end-effector and related methods
Application Number
Publication Number
6949125 (B2)
Application Date
April 16, 2002
Publication Date
September 27, 2005
David W Robertson
Boston Scientific SciMed
A61F 002/04
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