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An information system (12) for storing personal information of a customer (20) is provided herein. The customer (20) preferably communicates with the information system (12) using the Internet. Further, the customer (20) preferably uses an anonymous identifier (320) to gain access to the information system (12). The customer (20) can create the anonymous identifier (320) to assure anonymity and to facilitate anonymous and secure transactions over the Internet. Some or all of the personal information of the customer (20) is preferably electronically shredded and defaced before storage in the information system (12). This feature allows the customer (20) to maintain private data (25) in the information system (12) anonymously and shields the private data (25) from even the operators of the information system (12). In addition to maintaining the private data (25), the information system (12) allows the customer (20) to anonymously receive an estimate on a service and/or receive a service (806) from the service merchant (22) without the merchant (22) knowing the identity of the customer (20). Examples of services (806) that may be received from service merchants (22) include an insurance quote for a vehicle, an insurance quote for a structure, a life insurance quote, a health insurance quote, an insurance quote on some other item, a one time use of special software such as tax computation software, a quote on a loan, interest rates for a loan application, and clothing that is custom tailored.

Method and apparatus for facilitating an anonymous information system and anonymous service transactions
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6938022 (B1)
Application Date
May 12, 2000
Publication Date
August 30, 2005
Tara C Singhal
Torrance, 90510
Steve Roeder
G06F 017/60
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