06933928 is referenced by 161 patents and cites 22 patents.

This paperless book is portable and uses removable ROM devices to provide the visual and aural information displayed in the paperless book. The book can be read in a visual mode, as print, or in an aural mode, as the spoken word corresponding to the print, or in both visual and aural modes. The display mode may be conveniently shifted back and forth between visual and aural, for use, for example, by a counter who uses the book in the aural mode while driving and switches to the visual mode while riding on a train. In addition, the visual display may be manipulated affecting the appearance, for use, for example, by persons with reduced visual acuity. Movies also may be viewed using the paperless book. Finally, portions of the text may be enhanced by additional visual images, music or other sounds.

Electronic book player with audio synchronization
Application Number
Publication Number
6933928 (B1)
Application Date
July 18, 2000
Publication Date
August 23, 2005
Scott E Lilienthal
Laurel, 20707
William S Ramsey
G09G 005/00
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