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A method of promoting a product. A user at a user location (100) is induced to obtain a first product having a unique ID from a first vendor to win a prize. The user registers the product via a user computer (102) connected on-line to a central registration server (108) across a packet-switched network (104) by completing a user profile and transmitting the user profile and unique ID to a central registration server (108) having a profile database stored on a profile database unit (110). Promoting the product in conjunction with an event at an event location (114), and in response to a triggering event occurring during the event, a tone control system (117) causes a tone signal to be transmitted in the broadcast signal using a broadcast system (116). The tone signal is coupled to the user computer (102) and decoded to enable the computer (102) to automatically connect to a web server having a prize-winning phrase containing advertisement of the second product. A unique ID is then arbitrarily selected, and used to perform a matching operation on the user profile database of the profile database unit (110) using an event computer (118), in order to obtain the associated telephone number of the user. A call is then placed to the user with an event handset (122) over a PSTN (124) to a viewer handset (126). The user is then prompted for the prize-winning phrase. If correct, the user is awarded the prize.

Method of product promotion
Application Number
Publication Number
6928413 (B1)
Application Date
January 14, 2000
Publication Date
August 9, 2005
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
Howison & Arnott L
L V Partners
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