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A data management system for use in a consumer product development process comprises a computing device with a memory having a plurality of data bases including at least one database for each of a plurality of business units involved in the product development process. An application program, for execution in the computing device, interfaces with at least one user to retrieve initial product information, to thereby produce a first product record in one of the plurality of databases. A sharing engine interacts with each of said databases to generate product records for each database using product information from said first product record, wherein each of said product records is organized by requirements from the database for which said product record is generated.

Computerized system to improve process of bringing consumer product to market
Application Number
Publication Number
6928412 (B2)
Application Date
August 7, 2002
Publication Date
August 9, 2005
Paul C DeBiasse
Pottersville, 07979
Paul C DeBiasse
G06F 017/60
G06F 017/60
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