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A digital video communication system includes, at a source site, an embedding circuit for embedding a digital watermark in a digital video stream to produce a watermarked digital video stream, and a multiplexer for multiplexing a text data stream with the watermarked digital video stream to produce a multiplexed signal. At a sink site, the system includes a demultiplexer for demultiplexing the multiplexed signal for recovering a watermarked digital video stream and a text data stream. A digital watermark detector is provided for detecting the digital watermark embedded in the recovered digital video stream. A synchronizer responds to the detected digital watermark for synchronizing the recovered text data stream to the recovered video stream.

Communication system using digital watermark for synchronizing multiplexed text data to video frames
Application Number
Publication Number
6928165 (B1)
Application Date
July 31, 2000
Publication Date
August 9, 2005
Kazuhito Takai
Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky
NEC Corporation
H04N 007/08
G06T 001/00
H04N 001/32
H04N 007/167
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