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The present invention relates to a wind energy generating and storing system comprising methods and apparatuses for providing energy dedicated for immediate use and energy storage, to provide electrical power on an uninterrupted and continous basis, to locations remote from an electrical power grid. In a large application, the invention contemplates having a predetermined number of windmills dedicated for immediate use, and a predetermined number of windmills dedicated for energy storage, as compressed air energy in one or more high pressure tanks. A hybrid windmill having the ability to simultaneously switch between energy for immediate use and energy storage can also be provided.

Method and apparatus for using wind turbines to generate and supply uninterrupted power to locations remote from the power grid
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6927503 (B2)
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October 4, 2002
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August 9, 2005
Paul Lieberman
Torrance, 90503-1121
Ben M Enis
Henderson, 89052
J John Shimazaki
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