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A flexible hygienic remote control enclosure to protect against contamination of the remote control and to reduce cross contamination between users of the remote control. The remote control is placed through an open end into a flexible, at least partially clear, enclosure. After enclosing the remote control, the open end of the enclosure is closed, and the enclosure is permanently sealed by either adhesive, heat, chemical, mechanical, or other means. The permanent seal makes the enclosure tamper evident, as the enclosure must be stripped off of the remote controller in order to access the controller. The enclosure may be formed of material having antimicrobial qualities to further reduce microbial activity on the surface of the enclosure. The enclosure may be formed with at least one vacuum attachment device to allow removal of fluid, such as air, from the sealed enclosure.

Flexible hygienic remote control enclosure
Application Number
Publication Number
6926141 (B2)
Application Date
February 6, 2003
Publication Date
August 9, 2005
Mike F Montler
Columbus, 43207
Michael J Gallagher
David J Dawsey
Gallagher & Dawsey Co LPA
B65D 085/00
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