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A system, method, and computer readable medium storing a software program for translating a script for an interactive voice response system to a script for a visual interactive response system. The visual interactive response system executes the translated visual-based script when a user using a display telephone calls the visual interactive response system. The visual interactive response system then transmits a visual menu to the display telephone to allow the user to select a desired response, which is subsequently sent back to the visual interactive response system for processing. The voice-based script may be defined in voice extensible markup language and the visual-based script may be defined in wireless markup language, hypertext markup language, or handheld device markup language. The translation system and program includes a parser for extracting command structures from the voice-based script, a visual-based structure generator for generating corresponding command structure for the visual-based script, a text prompt combiner for incorporating text translated from voice prompts into command structure generated by the structure generator, an automatic speech recognition routine for automatically converting voice prompts into translated text, and an editor for editing said visual-based script.

Visual interactive response system and method translated from interactive voice response for telephone utility
Application Number
Publication Number
6920425 (B1)
Application Date
May 16, 2000
Publication Date
July 19, 2005
Wayne N Shelley
San Jose
Craig A Will
Long Barn
Borden Ladner Gervais
Jeffrey M Measures
Dennis R Haszko
Nortel Networks
G10L 015/26
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