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A method of probabilistic error-tolerant natural language understanding. The process of language understanding is divided into a concept parse and a concept sequence comparison steps. The concept parse uses a parse driven by a concept grammar to construct a concept parse forest set by parsing results of speech recognition. The concept sequence comparison uses an error-tolerant interpreter to compare the hypothetical concept sequences included by the concept parse forest set and the exemplary concept sequences included in the database of the system. A most possible concept sequence is found and converted into a semantic framed that expresses the intention of the user. The whole process is led by a probability oriented scoring function. When error occurs in the speech recognition and a correct concept sequence cannot be formed, the position of the error is determined and the error is recovered according to the scoring function to reduce the negative effect.

Method for probabilistic error-tolerant natural language understanding
Application Number
Publication Number
6920420 (B2)
Application Date
February 22, 2001
Publication Date
July 19, 2005
Yi Chung Lin
J C Patents
Industrial Technology Research Institute
G06F 017/20
G10L 015/18
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