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A care or treatment attachment for a foot care apparatus, comprising at least one movable care or treatment element as well as a coupling piece, with which the attachment can be connected to the movement of a motor-driven driving shaft 8 inside the foot care apparatus 6. The attachment comprises a housing which is secured in position on the housing so that driving movement transmitted from the driving shaft does not move the housing. A coupling piece is movable mounted in housing and is supported movably corresponding to the driving movement transmitted from driving shaft of the foot care apparatus. The coupling piece at the driven side drives a power converter for the conversion of the driving movement into a differing movement which powers the one or more movable care or treatment attachments.

Foot care apparatus and attachments
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6916297 (B2)
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June 28, 2002
Publication Date
July 12, 2005
Klaus Hafemann
Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin P C
Margaret Polson
Wik Far East
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A61H 007/00
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