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This invention relates to sports and event wagering, particularly to a new sport and event wagering game and system. This game and supporting system allows pari-mutuel wagering with respect to new areas other than horse or dog racing, which will expand the sports wagering industry to encompass new areas of interest and enjoyment to bettors. Specifically, pari-mutuel wagering is enabled with respect to the performance statistics of individual sport or event participants, combinations of sport participants, combinations of event participants, and sport teams. This wagering game is supported by an electronic system, which allows interaction with the game via various communications methods, remotely or in-person, which can allow or restrict wagering activity based upon bettor location.

Pari-mutuel sports wagering system
Application Number
Publication Number
6910965 (B2)
Application Date
April 19, 2002
Publication Date
June 28, 2005
David W Downes
Marysville, 95901
DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US
A63A 009/24
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