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Wiring in new and older aircraft use bundled insulated conductors that are subject to deterioration overtime that can result in on-board fires, loss of in-flight control and eventual crashes of the aircraft. The present invention provides a diagnostic method which permits the on-line and non-destructive diagnosis of the insulation degradation in a portion of the wiring comprising: a) measuring the current flow at locations of the aircraft wiring utilizing an optical current sensor with a bandwidth of dc to 50 kHz; b) determining the current flow within a high frequency bandwidth; and c) analyzing the results of the current flow differential determination and initiate the following: i) detect and locate the point of cable failure; ii) initiate an alarm annunciation; and iii) initiate an on-board sectionalized fire suppression system.

Method for diagnosing degradation in aircraft wiring
Application Number
Publication Number
6909977 (B2)
Application Date
December 8, 2000
Publication Date
June 21, 2005
Harry E Orton
North Vancouver, British Columbia V7H 1X9
Greer Burns & Crain
G01R 027/00
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