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A system and method for securing pathways to a remote application server involves a gateway or authentication server, and a mobile code authentication and encryption client available for download from the gateway or authentication server. Upon connection of a user's computing device to the authentication server over the open network, the authentication server requests authentication information, such as a password, from the user, and upon authentication of the user by the authentication server, the authentication server downloads the mobile code authentication and encryption client to the user's computing device. The authentication and encryption client then authenticates itself to authentication server, after which a secure communications channel between the user's computing device and the authentication server is opened, the secure communications channel permitting transfer of data between the user's computing device and an application server. The system and method do not require pre-installation or any certificates or other authentication and encryption software on the user's computing device, enabling the system and method to be used with thin-client and mobile computing devices, as well as with conventional computers.

Secure internet applications with mobile code
Application Number
Publication Number
6907530 (B2)
Application Date
January 19, 2001
Publication Date
June 14, 2005
Jieh Shan Wang
N. Potomac
Bacon & Thomas PLLC
V One Corporation
G06F 012/14
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