06898492 is referenced by 123 patents and cites 21 patents.

A flight recorder designed for small aircraft captures various onboard flight data in real-time and stores it in non-volatile memory. Recorded data includes aircraft's instantaneous position, altitude, attitude, engine RPM, G forces, flap position, cockpit voice and others. These data are obtained from various sensors which are integrated into the recorder. At the end of a flight the recorded data is downloaded into a computer using a wireless communications data transceiver also integrated into the recorder. It does not require removal or attaching any equipment to be able to download data. In addition to accident investigation, applications include training, preventive maintenance and asset monitoring.

Self-contained flight data recorder with wireless data retrieval
Application Number
Publication Number
6898492 (B2)
Application Date
March 13, 2001
Publication Date
May 24, 2005
Roland E Quiros
Henderson, 89014
Hilary Laing de Leon
Pasiq City, Metro-Manila
Rob L Phillips
Quirk & Tratos
G06F 019/00
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