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The present invention provides a powder composition for forming a heat stable wrinkle finish coating and the wrinkle finish coatings formed there from. The composition of the present invention comprises a resin consisting essentially of one or more than one silicone resin having a condensable hydroxyl content of from 2% by weight to 7% by weight, a curing agent, preferably an aminoplast, and a wrinkle finish forming catalyst, preferably an amine salt of triflic acid. In another embodiment, the powder composition of the present invention may comprise a hydroxyl functional resin, preferably a polyester, mixed with the said silicone resin to aid in the adhesion of the coating to a substrate. The composition of the present invention may further comprise up to 60 phr of a filler, such as wollastonite, to aid in heat stability. The coatings of the sent invention provide outstanding heat stability at temperatures greater than 350° F. and up to 550° F., preferably up to 650° F., for use on automobile or motorcycle exhaust systems, engine covers, manifolds, mufflers and engine parts, moves, fireplaces, stovepipes, grilles, ovens, and barbecue equipment, boilers, kettles, furnaces, steam lines, heat exchangers and any surface routinely exposed to high heat for an extended time.

Heat stable wrinkle finish powder coatings
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6897259 (B1)
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September 25, 2003
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May 24, 2005
Nancy Lee Osenbach
New Ringgold
Michele Le Cramer
Sinking Spring
Andrew E C Merriam
Rohm and Haas Company
C09D 005/28
C09D 005/03
C09D 183/06
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