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A card shuffler with a drivable shuffling storage means (2′) which is provided with compartments (69) for receiving cards (13) and which is associated with an input apparatus for inserting cards into the compartments (69) one by one and an output storage means which is spaced from the same for the shuffled cards, with the drive of the shuffling storage means (2′), the input apparatus and the output storage means being controlled by an electronic control system. In order to provide a card shuffler of the kind mentioned above which is capable of continually displaying the number of playing cards situated in the card shuffler and thus of providing the operator with the opportunity to have at all times certainty about the complete number of playing cards it is provided that the input apparatus (106) is provided with a draw-in zone (105) whose height corresponds substantially to the thickness of a card (13) and a first detection means (24) and a second detection means is provided which detects the cards (13) inserted into and removed from the shuffling storage means.

Card shuffler
Application Number
Publication Number
6889979 (B2)
Application Date
September 27, 2002
Publication Date
May 10, 2005
Peter Krenn
Ernst Blaha
Mark A Litman & Associates P A
Shuffle Master & Co KG
A63F 012/00
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