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A tire building drum includes a hollow main shaft, a pair of bead lock sections arranged concentric with the main shaft and respectively holding a bead core of a tire, and a radially expansible/contractible carcass-supporting body defining an inner shape of a carcass member extending between the bead cores. The carcass-supporting body is composed of a pair of core bodies which are concentric with the main shaft and have a plurality of expansible/contractible rigid segments circumferentially abutting on and engaging with each other. The tire building drum is provided with a pair of sliders on which the core body and the bead lock section are mounted on a single side in the axial direction, slider-moving means for moving these sliders to any required radial position and segment-expanding/contracting means for expanding/contacting the segments of each core body to any required radial position.

Tire building drum
Application Number
Publication Number
6880603 (B2)
Application Date
September 3, 2002
Publication Date
April 19, 2005
Naruhiro Akiyama
Oliff & Berridge
Bridgestone Corporation
B29D 030/24
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