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The invention relates to a panel element for forming a floor covering, consisting of several identical interconnectable panel elements and having the following features: two first sides of each panel element, called the “longitudinal sides”, these sides having a groove and a tongue; the tongue of a panel element which is positioned at an angle with an installation level of a first, identical panel element can be introduced into the groove of the first panel element; the tongue interacts with the groove of the adjacent, identical panel element in such a way that two interconnected panel elements are protected against separating forces which are exerted along both of the axes extending perpendicularly to the longitudinal side of the panel elements; two second sides of the panel element, called the end sides, are provided with fixing means and a groove and tongue, these forming an end-side connection between two adjacent panel elements; the end-side grooves and tongue can be interconnected by means of the panel element being lowered onto an identical panel element that has already been installed, essentially crosswise to the installation level, so that the panel element is protected from lifting forces, i.e. forces which are exerted considerably perpendicularly to the installation level.

Panel element
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6880307 (B2)
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July 10, 2002
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April 19, 2005
Ansgar Mensing
Richard Schwitte
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C
Hulsta Werke Huls & Co KG
E04B 002/46
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E04B 002/08
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