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A floor covering (1) made of an elastically moldable material, in particular from a synthetic rubber, which is provided with a regular arrangement consisting of first projections (3) on the upper side (1a) and with a regular arrangement of second projections (5) on the underside (1b), the projections of the first projections and of the second projections not exhibiting any overlapping area on the plane of the covering and that, on the underside within the projections of the first projections, third projections (7) are provided in each case which have a smaller height vis-à-vis the second projections such that the floor covering only touches a floor with the second projections when it is in an unloaded state, however, when a preset load is exceeded locally, the third projections come in contact with the floor.

Floor covering of an elastically deformable material
Application Number
Publication Number
6878430 (B2)
Application Date
December 22, 2000
Publication Date
April 12, 2005
Simon Hafenecker
D-96126 Hafenpreppach
Wolfgang Milewski
D-97475 Zeil am Main
Sidley Austin Brown & Wood
E01C 005/16
E01C 005/00
E04F 015/00
E04F 011/16
B32B 003/10
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