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A method and system for displaying event related program content and program guide data are disclosed. Upon the occurrence of an event such as a channel selection or change input, event related program content is displayed on a display coupled to an information handling system that functions as a host device and a tuning device for tuning to channels on which program content is broadcast. The information handling system further includes electronic program guide (EPG) data that includes program information for available programs. A portion of the EPG data that is related to the event being displayed is transmitted to a remote device that is capable of displaying the event related program guide data on a display of the remote device. The remote device allows a user to view and to browse event related program guide data on the remote device display such that the viewability of program content displayed on the display coupled to the information handling system is maximized, and any interference with the viewability of the program content is minimized. A bi-directional communications link is provided between the remote device and the information handling system and may be an infrared or radio-frequency link. The user may thereby browse event related programming information for other channels without detracting from the present channel, and may browse for event related programming information for the present channel over a predetermined time interval.

System and method for displaying event related electronic program guide data on intelligent remote devices
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6862741 (B1)
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December 22, 1999
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March 1, 2005
Brandon A Grooters
Suiter West
Christopher Rueppell
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