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The present invention provides several embodiments of an elongate hollow tubular or solid rod lighting device including a plurality of LEDs therewith and appropriate electrical componentry, and serving as a direct replacement for a conventional fluorescent light tube in a conventional fluorescent lighting fixture. The present lighting device includes appropriate connector pins extending from each end thereof, enabling the device to be installed in a conventional fluorescent lighting fixture with no modification to the fixture. The light may include appropriate electrical componentry such as a step-down transformer to provide the required voltage for the LEDs, either integrally within the light, incorporated in an end cap thereof, or installed separately therefrom in the fixture, as desired. The light may be colored or tinted as desired by the use of LEDs providing the desired color output, and/or by installing a tinted sleeve over the tube or rod as desired.

LED replacement for fluorescent lighting
Application Number
Publication Number
6860628 (B2)
Application Date
July 17, 2002
Publication Date
March 1, 2005
Robert M Currie
Long Beach, 39560
Jonas J Robertson
Harvey, 70058
Merek Blackmon & Voorhees
F21V 007/04
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