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Flooring material including floor boards (1) with an essentially square, rectangular or rhomboidal shape. The floor boards (1) are provided with edges (2), a horizontal lower side (5) and a horizontal decorative upper surface (3). The floor boards (1) are provided lower joining lips (10) at two adjacent edges (2) while the two remaining edges (2) are provided with upper joining lips (20). The lower joining lips (10) are provided essentially vertical lower lip surfaces 911) arranged parallel to the closest edge (2). The lower surfaces (11) are intended to interact with mainly vertical upper lip surfaces (21) arranged on the upper joining lips (20). Two joined adjacent floor boards (1) are hereby locked together in a horizontal direction. The joining lips (10 and 20 respectively) are furthermore provided with one or more heels (31) intended to snap join with recesses (32) adapted thereto which, by being provided with essentially horizontal locking surfaces, limits vertical movement between two joined adjacent floor boards (1).

Flooring material, comprising board shaped floor elements which are intended to be joined vertically
Application Number
Publication Number
6854235 (B2)
Application Date
November 14, 2003
Publication Date
February 15, 2005
Goran Martensson
Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher L
E04C 001/10
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