06851427 is referenced by 25 patents and cites 10 patents.

A breathing circuit disconnect warning system comprising an endotracheal tube, a breathing circuit supply tube with a pair of spaced electrically conductive strips, and a coupling tube. The coupling tube has an output end with a normally open switch including a first electrically conductive element and a spaced second electrically conductive element. The coupling tube also has an input end with a first electrically conductive ring and a second electrically conductive ring and lines coupling the rings and the elements. The rings are positionable in contact with the strips of the supply tube, whereby upon inserting the endotrachial tube into the output end, the switch will close and there will be an electrical connection across the switch and lines and rings and strips.

Breathing circuit disconnect warning system and method for using a disconnect system
Application Number
Publication Number
6851427 (B1)
Application Date
June 18, 2003
Publication Date
February 8, 2005
Ramses Nashed
St. Pete Beach, 33706
Edward P Dutkiewicz
A62B 007/00
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