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Disclosed is a packaged chilling system for providing chilled water to an air conditioning system for a building that includes: a duct system; an air handling system; and a water chilling system; wherein: the duct system is in operable communication with a building that has a plurality of rooms, at least one of the rooms having a sensor for detecting the room air temperature in the room, the duct system comprising at least one supply duct for directing low temperature air from the air handling system to the building and at least one return duct for directing high temperature air from the building to the air handling system; the air handling system includes a plurality of air handling units, each air handling unit comprising an air inlet for receiving high temperature air from the building, a cooling coil that includes at least one conduit through which chilled water flows, the cooling coil having multiple passes and positioned for heat transfer contact with the high temperature air, and a fan for increasing the velocity of air in the air handling unit; the water chilling system is installed at a location proximate the building, and is operably connected to the air handling system; and the water chilling system includes a moveable support structure comprising a support base on which a plurality of water chilling system components are affixed, the components including at least one water chiller for lowering the temperature of water from a high temperature to a low temperature. This packaged chilling system may also be used to provide chilled water to industrial processes such as chemical plants, automotive plants, textile mills, paper mills, computer cooling, and factory air-conditioning.

Packaged chilling systems for building air conditioning and process cooling
Application Number
Publication Number
6848267 (B2)
Application Date
February 4, 2003
Publication Date
February 1, 2005
Tom L Pierson
Sugar Land
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