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Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying data on a head's-up display screen. Multiple forms of data can be selectively displayed on a semi-transparent screen mounted in the user's normal field of view. The screen can either be mounted on the user's head, or mounted on a moveable implement and positioned in front of the user. A user interface is displayed on the screen including a moveable cursor and a menu of computer control icons. An eye-tracking system is mounted proximate the user and is employed to control movement of the cursor. By moving and focusing his or her eyes on a specific icon, the user controls the cursor to move to select the icon. When an icon is selected, a command computer is controlled to acquire and display data on the screen. The data is typically superimposed over the user's normal field of view.

Selectively controllable heads-up display system
Application Number
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6847336 (B1)
Application Date
October 2, 1996
Publication Date
January 25, 2005
John H Hiett
Flagstaff, 86001
Jerome H Lemelson
930 Tahoe Blvd. Incline Village, 89451
Douglas W Rudy
Edwin A Suominen
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