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A wind power recovery device has a tower, a rotor arranged on the tower and including a plurality of blades rotatable under the action of wind, the rotor also having an axis for transmitting the rotation of the rotor to another apparatus, a wind channeling body provided with a series of walls which form channelings with a section which is progressively reduced from an entry side of the wind channeling body to an exit side of the channeling body toward the rotor to affect tangentially the blades of the rotor at a speed higher than at the entry side of the body, the wind channeling body having a side face, and a blind protecting the side face of the channeling body.

Wind power generator having wind channeling body with progressively reduced section
Application Number
Publication Number
6841894 (B2)
Application Date
January 2, 2003
Publication Date
January 11, 2005
Josep Lluis Gomez Gomar
08783 Masquefa
Michael J Striker
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