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The invention discloses a portable hydroelectric apparatus which converts the kinetic energy of water caused by gravity into electrical energy. This conversion is accomplished without the presence of a river or stream. A new type of buoyancy motor is disclosed which is formed as a U-tube erected vertically. One leg and the curved portion at the bottom are filled with a series of separate air-filled tanks. The other leg is filled with water, with a suitable seal at the bottom of the leg through which are made to jut 1½ tanks so the seal prevents water from leaking downward into the air space of the curved portion of the U-tube. Suitable means prevent the water column in the one leg from pushing the series of tanks out of the U-tube. The leading as well as the succeeding tanks behind it are made buoyant in sequence. In rising through the water-filled leg of the U-tube water is pushed through a nozzle which is made to operate hydroelectric devices. Provision is made to recycle both the water and air-filled tanks.

Gravity as a source of renewable energy
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6817180 (B2)
Application Date
March 6, 2003
Publication Date
November 16, 2004
Edwin Newman
10331 Lindley Ave. #113, Northridge
F03G 3/04
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