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A gaming apparatus is disclosed that bridges the entertainment gap that currently exists between skill-based video game entertainment and the traditional formats of video games of chance. The present invention as described herein, provides a three dimensional software “world” as the gaming environment, and, through the incorporation of human interface devices, provides the player with the feeling of control experienced when playing a skill-based video game, while maintaining the random outcome requirements of standard video games of chance. In certain circumstances, the present invention may actually provide an element of control over the game outcome, but it is the feeling of control—not necessarily actual control—that provides the unique entertainment value. The present invention also provides a two-way video gaming apparatus for accommodating a plurality of players.

Video game of chance apparatus
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6811482 (B2)
Application Date
March 5, 2002
Publication Date
November 2, 2004
Howard Letovsky
P.O. Box 1925, Willits
A63F 13/00
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