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Beginning with the first letter or stroke, this invention uses the relative frequency of the sequential groups of letters or strokes from which individual words or characters are gradually built in order to provide a better way of computer indexing languages for easier and more efficient access to both the frequently used words or characters and the less-frequently used. This makes possible a system of text input that is both more efficient and more intuitive than utilizing just word or character frequency, an input approach which eliminates typing transpositions, reduces word-spelling errors or character-stroke-order uncertainty, and provides an alternative to a standard keyboard which is especially helpful with wireless phones and hand-held computers, and similar devices lacking standard keyboards. This invention can make words and characters quite accessible in an intuitive way without requiring any direct input of words or letters, strokes or characters. The user is not directly “inputting” a word or character with letters or strokes, but finding the character or word by selecting increasingly complete words or characters from the choices offered on the computer display screen-choices offered according to the frequency-of-use not of words or characters but of these increasingly complete word or character beginnings. For Western and other non-character-based languages this greatly reduces typos and misspellings while being no slower than standard keyboard entry for many users. For Chinese-character-based languages, it provides a method of selecting characters for screen display without the need to learn any character input method, and much like one sees with standard keyboard input of Western languages, it gives positive reinforcement about entry of characters by showing the character gradually develop in response to the user's actions.

Text input system for ideographic and nonideographic languages
Application Number
Publication Number
6801659 (B1)
Application Date
June 4, 2001
Publication Date
October 5, 2004
Robert B O&apos Dell
Cesari and McKenna
ZI Technology Corporation
G06K 9/18
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