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This invention specifies physics-like computational models called M models. These models enable the specification and design automation of an integrated architecture of a real system. A new class of adaptive systems engineering tools called Adaptive Model-Reference (AMR) tools, supports the M computational model. AMR tools are used to visually specify the integrated architecture model of a real system, assess it's value, and automate the static and dynamic binding of it's model components into adaptive systems. These systems can be adapted during system development to compensate for requirement changes and design errors, and during run time operation to compensate for unanticipated operational system conditions. AMR tools enable the verification and validation of adaptive real system designs built in compliance with a declared enterprise wide technical architecture. Architecture components can be specified using AMR tools or can be imported into the AMR tool set. AMR tools are specified using an open system architecture built as extensions to open system development environments, such as Microsoft Foundation and OLE, and run time system environments such as Microsoft Windows or Java Object Request Brokers (ORB).

Geometric display tools and methods for the visual specification, design automation, and control of adaptive real systems
Application Number
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6789054 (B1)
Application Date
April 25, 1999
Publication Date
September 7, 2004
Mahmoud A Makhlouf
33 Whispering La., Weston
Mark P White
G06G 7/48
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