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A server call system that enables the customer to be in direct contact with the server at all times. A keypad is disposed at customer locations and adapted to receive item requests from the customer. The keypad is in wireless communication with a server pager carried by a designated server. The customer inputs an item request into the keypad and it is sent to a predetermined or dynamically determined server pager for fulfillment. In this manner, not only is the efficiency of the establishment increased by eliminating wait time by customers for submitting a request to their server, but the server can effectively serve more areas with less direct customer contact.

Server call system
Application Number
Publication Number
6782974 (B2)
Application Date
April 23, 2003
Publication Date
August 31, 2004
Richard Leifer
11 Beaumont Dr., Melville
Keusey Tutunjian & Bitetto P C
G08B 5/00
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