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A symmetrical contoured support pillow formed essentially in an inverted U-shape, comprising essentially a semi-circular crown designed to support the head of a woman and a pair of spaced symmetrical legs extending downwardly and outwardly divergently away from the crown, the legs having lower ends which are curved inwardly towards each other and forming toes, each leg having a convex bulge extending inwardly in the space between the two legs, the bulges extending towards each other, the resulting space between the legs as formed by the convex bulges being essentially in the shape of an hourglass, the woman lying between the legs of the pillow on her side such that one of the bulges is received in a curvature of the back of the woman whereas the other bulge is received in a tummy area of the woman.

Symmetrically contoured support pillow
Application Number
Publication Number
6760934 (B1)
Application Date
August 14, 2003
Publication Date
July 13, 2004
Jamie S Leach
P.O. Box 717, Ada
William S Dorman
A47G 9/00
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