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A contoured body pillow adapted to permit unlimited positioning options to facilitate relief from persistent back and neck pain, respiratory and digestive disorders, and to provide a sensation of closeness, comfort and security by conforming to the body of a user, thereby permitting the user to sleep comfortably through the night, the contoured body pillow having a substantially candy cane shape comprising a first terminal end having a semi-bell shape connecting to a U-shaped portion, a downwardly extending leg connecting to the U-shaped portion, the leg expanding at its lowermost portion to form a bell shape, the bell shape terminating at a second terminal end in a beveled edge.

Contoured body pillow
Application Number
Publication Number
6751817 (B1)
Application Date
May 2, 2003
Publication Date
June 22, 2004
Jamie S Leach
130 E. 10th St. P.O. Box 717, Ada
William S Dorman
A47C 20/00
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