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Rotor blades for wind power installations are known in many different forms. In a wind power installation the rotors or the rotor blades thereof represent the main source of sound. For reasons relating to acceptance and noise prevention laws, the aim should/must be that of minimizing the levels of sound emission as wind power installations are often also set up in the proximity of residential accommodation. The levels of sound emission which hitherto occur with a wind power installation or a wind power converter also mean that wind power installations are faced with resistance from populated areas because of the sound they produce and for that reason such installations can be accepted sometimes with difficulty or not at all as authorities responsible for planning permission refuse permission for wind power installations because of the existing environmental requirements, noise also being an environmentally polluting factor. Therefore the object of the invention is further to improve the noise emission of wind power installations. Wind power installation rotor blade comprising means for reducing the sound produced by a rotor blade, wherein the means is formed by a fluid-repellent layer and/or surface which is provided at least on a surface portion of the rotor blade.

Reduction in the noise produced by a rotor blade of a wind turbine
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6729846 (B1)
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August 27, 2001
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May 4, 2004
Aloys Wobben
Argestrasse 19, D-26607 Aurich
Seed IP Law Group PLLC
F01D 5/14
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