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This invention improves upon prior art total disc replacements (TDRS) by more closely replicating the kinematics of a natural disc. The preferred embodiments feature two or more fixed centers of rotation (CORs) and an optional variable COR (VCOR) as the artificial disc replacements (ADRs) translates from a fixed posterior COR to a more anterior COR. The multiple CORs permit a TDR with a posterior COR that lies posterior to the COR of the TDR to facilitate normal disc motion. The use of two or more CORs allow more flexion and more extension than permitted by the facet joints and the annulus fibrosis. Artificial facet joint-like components may also be incorporated into the design to restrict excessive translation, rotation, and/or lateral bending.

Artificial disc replacements with natural kinematics
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6706068 (B2)
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April 22, 2003
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March 16, 2004
Bret A Ferree
1238 Cliff Laine Dr., Cincinnati
Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC
A61F 2/44
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