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A variable gain optical amplifier and method for control thereof is provided that includes an amplifier stage having a light pump, and a power source for the pump, and a variable optical attenuator connected to the amplifier stage and having a movable controller that changes attenuation of the amplifier output when moved to a different position. The dynamic controller of the amplifier includes gain detecting circuits that generate signals indicative of input and output signal strengths of the amplifier stage, and a circuit that provides a signal indicative of a position of the attenuator controller, as well as a digital signal processor connected to the outputs of the gain detecting circuits and position indicating circuit. The digital process maintains a selected gain setpoint for the amplifier in accordance with a predetermined relationship between amplifier gain and the signal input and output strengths, and a position of the attenuator controller and signal attenuation. The use of a position indicating circuit in the dynamic controller obviates the need for one of the gain detecting circuits normally used in such a controller, and thus simplifies the structure and reduces expense of the dynamic controller of the amplifier with no sacrifice in performance.

Variable gain optical amplifier and control method
Application Number
Publication Number
6687045 (B2)
Application Date
November 13, 2001
Publication Date
February 3, 2004
Muhidin A Lelic
Nixon Peabody
Corning Incorporated
G02B 6/28
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