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An optical arrangement for symmetrizing beams which includes a plurality of laser diodes arranged next to one another. The plurality of laser diodes emit beams which are asymmetrical relative to a first direction and a second direction, with the second direction being perpendicular to the first direction. A microcylinder lens optics is arranged in an inclined manner around an optical axis. The beams emitted by the laser diodes in the first direction are collimated and deflected at different angles and are separated thereby. A direction element is arranged downstream of the microcylinder lens optics. The direction element deflects a beam of each individual laser diode in the second direction, whereby each of these beams is deflected by a different angle in the second direction, in such a way that central points of the individual beams converge at a predetermined distance in the second direction. The direction element deflects a beam of the individual laser diode in the first direction in such a way that each of these beams converges at a predetermined distance in the first direction. A redirection element is arranged at a predetermined distance downstream of the direction element. The redirection element compensates for different angles of deflection of the beams which are transmitted through the direction element in a plane.

Optical arrangement for symmetrizing the radiation of two-dimensional arrays of laser diodes
Application Number
Publication Number
6683727 (B1)
Application Date
August 24, 2001
Publication Date
January 27, 2004
Peter Schreiber
Torsten Possner
Rolf Göring
Greenblum & Bernstein
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E V
G02B 27/12
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