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A stand for supporting a laptop computer at different tilt angles may include a top plate with a trapezoidal shape including a number of riser clusters arranged along a narrower parallel side of the top plate. Each one of the riser clusters may be configured to fit within a riser element and hold the riser element. A bottom plate with a trapezoidal shape may be connected to the top plate by a connector that allows the top plate to rotate relative to the bottom plate. A number of laptop supports may be connected to a wider parallel side of the top plate and congfigured to support one end of the laptop in a slip-resistant manner. At least two riser elements may be stacked respectively on at least two riser clusters. At least two riser caps may be stacked respectively over the at least two riser elements to support an opposite end of the laptop in a slip-resistant resistant manner and at an elevation higher than the one end of the laptop. A variable tilt angle may be imparted by adding or removing riser elements from the stacks to vary convective cooling of the laptop and keyboard tilt.

Heat dissipating laptop computer stand with adjustable tilt
Application Number
Publication Number
6682040 (B1)
Application Date
September 19, 2002
Publication Date
January 27, 2004
James MacEachern
Harrity & Snyder L
Road Tools L L C
A47B 91/00
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