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Fibrocytes, annulus fibrosis cells, cells that differentiate into annulus fibrosis cells, or cells that function like annulus fibrosis cells are harvested and combined with the extracellular matrix of the annulus fibrosis from a recently deceased human or animal to produce an engineered annulus fibrosis. Any suitable material(s) are then added to the engineered disc tissue to restore disc height. For example, a shape-memory material or alloy that changes shape from a long narrow shape to a spherical shape would facilitate insertion through a relatively small incision followed by useful height restoration. Additional therapeutic substances like culture medium, growth factors, differentiation factors, hydrogels, polymers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, or immunosuppressive medications could be added to the transplanted annulus fibrosis tissue. The process can be used to replace or repair other tissues or organs of the body such as the meniscus of the knee.

Natural and synthetic supplements to engineered annulus and disc tissues
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6648920 (B2)
Application Date
June 13, 2002
Publication Date
November 18, 2003
Bret A Ferree
1238 Cliff Laine Dr., Cincinnati
Gifford Krass Groh Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski PC
A61F 2/44
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