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Disclosed herein is a compound device (a “modular power-producing network”, or “power net”) for the purpose of transducing the energy in ocean waves into electrical energy. The invention first pressurizes ocean water (or a suitable alternative hydraulic fluid) into at least one storage chamber with a compressible air pocket, employing at least one float (responding to oscillatory wave motion) linked to at least one hydraulic ram (or alternative pressurizing device), the system being designed so that a multiplicity of these inventions may function concurrently in proximity to each other. The fluid in the chamber, when brought to a minimum threshold pressure by the float/ram mechanism, is released in a pressure-regulated stream that engages a hydraulically-operated turbine, which, because of the regulation, may directly produce properly governed alternating current suitable for release on standard power grids. Modified versions or configurations of the invention may also generate hydraulic pressure at a level suitable for purifying a portion of the ocean water in a storage chamber by reverse osmosis or other suitable means.

Ocean wave power generator (a “modular power-producing network”)
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6647716 (B2)
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June 4, 2001
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November 18, 2003
Secil Boyd
P.O. Box 427, Holualoa
F16D 31/02
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