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A switch suitable for use in garments is provided. The switch comprises an arrangement of at least two electrically conductive contact portions provided in the form of textile fastener components. The textile fastener components may be stud fastener components mounted on fabric portions and normally separated by resilient biasing means such as compressible foam material. The application of a sufficient force causes the compressible foam material to yield allowing the textile fastener components to contact each other physically and therefore electrically. Removal of the applied force allows the foam material to return to its shape prior to yielding and therefore separate stud fastener components. The switch utilizes components often found in clothing allowing the switch to be incorporated into garments using machinery and workforce skills widespread within the garment manufacturing industry. The fastener components may be replaced with eyelets and a cord arranged to pass through the eyelet through-holes may be pulled to operate the switch.

Electrical switch for use in garments
Application Number
Publication Number
6642467 (B2)
Application Date
July 11, 2001
Publication Date
November 4, 2003
Jonathan Farringdon
Koninklijke Philips Electronics
H01H 1/14
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