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An intelligent media device, comprising a packet data communications interface; a media communication interface for receiving audio and/or video data; a digital memory for persistently storing received audio and/or video data; and an intelligent server for generating a virtual interface for controlling the media communication interface and the digital memory through said packet data communications interface. The intelligent server may be adaptive. A variety of devices may be interfaced through the packet data communications interface, including telephony, imaging, videoconferencing, security, alarm, environmental control, vehicular, illumination system, domestic appliance; fluid and handling systems, as well as consumer electronic devices. A digital rights manager for enforcing a set of externally supplied restrictions associated with the received audio and/or video data may be incorporated, with a cryptographic processor for selectively cryptoprocessing audio and/or video data in dependence on said rights manager being provided to limit access to the audio and/or video data content.

Media recording device with packet data interface
Application Number
Publication Number
6640145 (B2)
Application Date
June 3, 2002
Publication Date
October 28, 2003
Linda Hoffberg Borghesani
40 Jackson Dr., Acton
Steven Hoffberg
29 Buckout Rd., West Harrison
Milde & Hoffberg
G05B 15/00
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