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System for reproducing images and method thereof. An image acquisition device belonging to the system acquires the image and converts the image into indicia, which is defined by a digitally encoded compressed representation of the image in the form of one or more data image files. The image files are downloaded to a first printer which prints the indicia onto a first recording medium. The indicia printed on the first recording medium may overlay the image without interfering with enjoyment of the image because the indicia is printed in an invisible dye. In order to produce a quality reproduction of the original image, a sensor, which is disposed in sensing relationship to the indicia on the first recording medium, senses the indicia and generates a digital output signal in response to the indicia sensed thereby. An imaging device, such as a second printer, coupled to the sensor accepts the digital output signal and prints the quality reproduction of the image, including indicia, onto a second recording medium in accordance with the sensor output signal. The reproduction of the image can itself be reproduced in the same manner in order to provide a second quality reproduction. Of course, as many quality reproductions as desired may be provided in this manner. Each reproduction has the same quality as the original image because each reproduction is produced from the digital indicia printed on each reproduction. Also, rather than being printed, the reproduced image, which has the same quality as the original, may be displayed on a suitable monitor or electronically transmitted by means of one or more telecommunication systems.

System for reproducing images and method thereof
Application Number
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6636332 (B1)
Application Date
February 5, 1998
Publication Date
October 21, 2003
Peter P Soscia
Norman Rushefsky
Walter S Stevens
Eastman Kodak Company
H04N 1/00
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