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A document localization, management and delivery system in a computer environment. A preferred embodiment of the invention automatically determines the language and country of a Web site visitor and directs the Web server to deliver the appropriate localized content contained in a country/language database to the visitor's browser. The visitor's browser is notified of the proper font and content encoding needed to display the selected language and is allowed to download the font. A toolkit is provided which allows a master site to be built that is language and country-independent. The actual language and country content is placed in a language/country database where it is easily managed and maintained. When a visitor enters the site, the requested document is automatically served in the visitor's language and for the visitor's country by filling in a document template from the master site with the correct language content from the language/country database. A viewer allows the developer to view and debug the document template as it appears to a visitor in any of the available language content from the language/country database.

Multilingual electronic document translation, management, and delivery system
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6623529 (B1)
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January 28, 1999
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September 23, 2003
David Lakritz
1806 Parkwood Dr., San Mateo
Glenn Patent Group
Kirk D Wong
Michael A Glenn
G06F 15/00
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