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The present invention relates to the field of plant growth units, and more particularly pertains to an apparatus for plant cultivation which conserves horizontal space and utilizes vertical space, while providing for the growth of plants which are cultivated in an indoor environment. The plant growth unit includes a plurality of growth sites, means for supporting the growth sites, and means for establishing a liquid nutrient flow. The growth sites may be radially supported about a central vertical longitudinal axis and the supporting means may define an internal space between the plurality of growth sites so that the growth sites generally face the internal space. The internal space may be adapted to accommodate a light source. The supporting means may have an upper portion and a lower portion, and may include one or more columns or one or more supporters. The means for establishing a liquid nutrient flow may circulate a liquid nutrient to the upper portion of the supporting means and past growth sites to the lower portion of the supporting means so that the liquid nutrient flow comes into contact with each of the growth sites.

Plant growth unit
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6615542 (B2)
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May 1, 2002
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September 9, 2003
Larry Austen Ware
64 - 53rd Street, Delta, British Columbia
Graybeal Jackson Haley
A01G 9/02
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