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A digital audio signal processing and distribution sub-assembly unit, plug compatible or integratable with single user digital radios, for audio channels and simultaneous re-transmission to multiple user headsetss. The sub-assembly will enable multiple users to select individual channels for listening, via audio headsets, from satellite digital radio broadcasts, which will encompass up to 100 channels of music and talk show programming. Headsets will have either direct wire connections to the digital radio receiver (via a jack connection), or infra-red (IR) links or RF links, which can allow the user to roam significant distances from the radio without the encumbrance of a wire link. The unit will function in automobiles or in homes, with auto usage eventually implemented with interior wiring with access jacks for the headsets built into doors and dashboards. The sub-assembly unit will be tailored to handle a variety of satellite broadcast protocols, such as OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) and CDM (code division multiple access or spread-spectrum). The sub-assembly unit is designed to integrate with the “back end” of the new generation of satellite digital radio receivers.

Simultaneous multi-user audio re-transmission digital radio module
Application Number
Publication Number
6609039 (B1)
Application Date
July 27, 1998
Publication Date
August 19, 2003
Neil Charles Schoen
9817 Freestate Pl., Gaithersburg
G06F 17/00
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