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Within a transmission channel in a frequency domain transmission medium, a plurality of non-contiguous channel portions are selected for data transmission. The selected channel portions are separated in frequency by unused channel portions. A transmitter generates a data frame of predetermined length for transmission, comprising a payload and an error detection portion. The frame length is equal to the length which would map for transmission into a symbol in the transmission channel if the entire channel were selected for transmission. The payload contains a header and a data portion, into which the transmitter inserts data bytes and a number of padding bytes. Block coding error correction is performed on the padded payload to generate error detection bytes to fill the error detection portion. The frame is then mapped into the frequency domain for transmission such that the header, data and error detection bytes map into the selected channel portions and the padding bytes map into the unused channel portions and are not transmitted. At a receiver, the padding bytes are reinstated and error detection performed to correct transmission errors in the header and the data. The corrected data is then extracted from the frame.

Method and apparatus for frequency domain data frame transmission
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6598200 (B1)
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June 2, 2000
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July 22, 2003
David Carotti
John Christopher Greenwood
Near Chippenham
Barnes & Thornburg
Nortel Networks
H03M 13/00
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