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The invention includes a device and method for improving the responsiveness of the transmitter power control function so that the transmission power is more quickly and accurately controlled over a wider range of dynamic power adjustment during transmission. The present invention is directed to a dynamic transmission power control device and methodology having improved power control loop bandwidth and low power control loop variance. The invention is particularly useful for wireless communications, and more particularly to wireless digital devices having signals with large information frame size and low target frame error rate (FER). The dynamic transmission power control methodology includes a receiver including multiple power control loops for dynamically determining the amount of adjustment to make to the incoming transmission signal to achieve a desired level of signal quality at the lowest possible transmission power. For example, two power control adjustment loops, for example an outer loop and an outer-outer loop, may be provided for determining a target signal to noise ratio (SNR). The receiver may also include an inner loop. In one preferred embodiment, the transmitter may use turbo coding decoded using an iterative decoder for forward error correction. In one variation, the turbo coding is used on the forward supplemental channel (F-SCH).

Method and apparatus for transmitter power control
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6597923 (B1)
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October 23, 2000
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July 22, 2003
Aleksandar Damnjanovic
San Diego
Vieri Vanghi
La Jolla
Coats & Bennett P L L C
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